Oceanography Internship Opportunity for UW Students

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Interested in the intersection of environmental science and game development? Check out this amazing summer internship/consultancy with E-Line Media over the summer (20-40 hours per week) to help with the design of a new video game.  The main focus is on the mesopelagic through abyssopelagic zones and looking at the various trophic webs unique to those habitats and phenomena such as bioflourescence, bioluminescence, electrosensory perception, etc.  E-Line is looking for someone who can help source likely species and inter-species relationships, unique behaviors and interesting species.  The chosen candidate will have the opportunity to consult with some top researchers and explorers to whom E-Line Media can provide access, including David GruberMandy Joye, and (to a more limited extent) Sylvia Earle. This is a paid position.  Additional course credit though an independent study with the Center for Creative Conservation can also be arranged.
Please contact if you are interested in applying. Questions about the internship and E-Line media can sent to Matt Swanson (