C3 now supports self-funded Incubators for complex problem-solving

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Most environmental problems are highly complex, yet we rarely find the time and institutional support to convene the full range of people, ideas, and resources we truly need to address them. Incubators are start-up meetings of interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral teams that encourage innovative conservation problem-solving. Incubators are an ideal tool for scoping a new project, initiative, program, or business. They help new teams build effective working relationships, further conceptualize project ideas, develop plans for implementation, and seek additional funds to support long-term collaborations.

The Center for Creative Conservation is now hosting self-funded Transdisciplinary Project Incubators on any cross-cutting topic related to conservation and sustainability. Transdisciplinary research and action authentically engages different modes of knowing, from outside of a single discipline, on equal footing. Incubators can involve as many meetings as needed, but a typical incubator involves 2-3 multi-day meetings held over a 6-12 month period. We welcome teams of practitioners and University of Washington researchers from diverse disciplinary, professional, and cultural backgrounds to apply. Do you have an idea for an Incubator and funding to support it? Read more here!