SAVE THE DATES! EarthGames is now a jam, a mixer, lectures, AND “on tap”

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EarthGames on Tap has grown! This year we are teaming up with the Pacific Science Center, Seattle Indies (a group of local game developers), and the Seattle Serious and Social impact Games group, to put on a whole series of events designed to inspire new “earthgames.” We invite environmental researchers, educators, game developers, and other change-makers to join these events and explore how games can make environmental learning fun and catalyze action. This year we are focusing on the theme, “Surviving Climate Change”: how might games–and players–respond to the new reality of rising temperatures–and all of its social, biological, and geophysical consequences? Events include lectures on climate science and games as educational tools March 20th and 27th; a pre-jam mixer for registered jammers on April 6th, 6-9pm; an all-weekend game jam on the theme of “Surviving Climate Change” starting Friday eve, April 13th-15th; and EarthGames on Tap, an evening salon with inspiring speakers, lots of mingling and a chance to try out all sorts of earthgames, April 19th. All events will be held at the Pacific Science Center. Read more and register soon here!