EarthGames 2018

Games for Our Future: Surviving Climate Change

Co-organized by the UW Center for Creative Conservation, Pacific Science Center, Seattle Indies, and Seattle Serious & Social Impact Games Group


Video games are now one of the most popular genres in the history of humanity. How could they help change the world for the better? We invite environmental researchers, educators, game creators, and other change-makers to join a series of events designed to explore how games can make environmental learning fun and catalyze action. This year we are focusing on the theme, “Surviving Climate Change”: how might games–and players–respond to the new reality of rising temperatures–and all of its social, biological, and geophysical consequences?



All events will be held at the Pacific Science Center, 200 Second Ave. North, Seattle, WA


SCIENCE IN THE CITY LECTURE #1: “A Climate of Unclarity: How to Call BS on Bad Climate Science Communication” by Dr. Sarah Myhre.



SCIENCE IN THE CITY LECTURE #2: “What is Reality” exhibit (doors open at 6pm), and “A Tale of Destiny: Game Design,” a panel discussion with Bungie team members (starts at 7pm).


FRIDAY, APRIL 6, 6-9pm

PRE-JAM MIXER: An ice-breaker for researchers & registered jammers

An informative ice-breaker for researchers and jammers planning to attend the Games for Our Future Game Jam, this fun and informal event will help participants identify collaborators and topics they want to cover. For the uninitiated, we’ll provide an overview of the game jam process, the research process for game creators, and the game development process for researchers.


FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 5pm – SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 8pm

GAMES FOR OUR FUTURE GAME JAM: Surviving Climate Change

Researchers and members of the game development community are invited to learn from each other and make digital and table-top games that bring to life complex research and provocative questions about how we, and the planet, are going to survive climate change—whether through stopping its causes, adapting to its effects, or a combination of both. Through discovery, experimentation, and critical thinking, teams of developers will attempt to turn research into recreational and informational games that empower the game playing public to take real and meaningful action in the face of climate change.

The mixer on April 6th will serve as a way to get you informed and inspired about climate change research happening at UW right now. We’ll have researchers on hand to give lightning talks about their work and then go into deeper discussion about your ideas for the game jam that come from those talks. The researchers will also be available during the jam itself to answer questions related to their research as it pertains to your game ideas.

Then come together with other local game creators April 13-15 for a 48 hour game jam where we’ll be taking the work of UW climate change researchers and creating games based on that to help raise awareness for the issues we’re facing and make the research more accessible to the public.

>> REGISTER HERE ($39 Regular, $29 Students, $5 off for early birds through March 31; includes entrance to lectures, mixer, and on tap events)



A fun and inspiring evening salon bringing together researchers, game creators, educators, and other change makers to meet and mingle over locally-sourced food and beverages–and to play, learn about, and catalyze games that are good for people and the planet. This year we will showcase games created by the Games for Our Future Game Jam, UW EarthGames Studio, and professional studios. Check out highlights from last year’s EarthGames on Tap. Join us!


Mingling and game-playing at EarthGames on Tap 2017

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